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Lemon Law Kentucky

You Pay Nothing. Period.

Both the Kentucky Lemon Law and the Federal Lemon Law require the manufacturer to pay all attorney’s fees. The Lemon Law Attorneys at Clagett & Barnett will provide a FREE Review of your car’s repair history, and if we determine that the repairs on your vehicle entitle you to help, we will provide assistance at zero cost to you. Our Lemon Law attorneys are here to help you recover what you deserve and will never bill you for anything…ever! The attorneys at Clagett & Barnett have as much on the line as you do in the results of your case.

The Lemon Law in Kentucky

The good news for Kentucky vehicle owners is that you have more than one option to recover damages if you have purchased a defective vehicle.
The Kentucky Lemon Law provides consumers a very effective remedy if their vehicle cannot be repaired. The limitation with the Kentucky Lemon Law is that in order to meet its requirements the problems with your vehicle must take place very early on – within the first year of ownership or within 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. The reality for most consumers is that their vehicle’s problems will most likely take longer to unfold.
Therefore, it is the Federal Lemon Law, known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which provides the greatest amount of protection to Kentucky vehicle owners. This law simply states that if the manufacturer attempted repeated repairs to your vehicle, at least in part during the warranty period, you may qualify for a wide range of assistance.

What Is The Reasonable Number Of Repair Attempts Before A Vehicle Is Presumed A Lemon?

Four (4) repair attempts or a total of thirty (30) days out of service to repair defects or nonconformities within the vehicles first twelve (12) months or 12,000 miles must be provided to the manufacturer, through its dealers, by the buyer or lessee according to the Lemon Law. If your vehicle meets this standard, the vehicle is then presumed to be a lemon under the law.

Even if you think your repair history does not satisfy the Kentucky Lemon Law, our attorneys can assess if your car’s repair history is sufficient to qualify you for damages under the federal Lemon Law – the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. So don’t rely on what others might tell you, let us evaluate your situation to ensure that you get the help you deserve.

How Can Clagett & Barnett Help You?

Our firm exists to help people with the problems they are experiencing with their vehicles. You paid a lot of money for your vehicle and should not delay in dealing with the problems you have been experiencing with your vehicle. The longer you wait, the harder it may become to resolve your lemon law case. Our experienced lemon law attorneys and staff are here to walk you through every aspect of the lemon law process and make it as easy as possible for you. Our goal, is to help you put an end to the headaches with your car.

Consult with the experienced attorneys at Clagett & Barnett and remember, the manufacturer will be responsible for all costs and attorney fees involved in bringing your lemon law claim, NOT you!

Do you think you may have a lemon?

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