How Is Child Support Calculated In Kentucky - Photo Child and Her MomMost parents after divorce have issues with understand the regulations and also ways in which child support must be paid. More often than not, it is challenging to figure out the amount you or your former should be paying.

This is where Clagett and Barnett is ready to help you and protect your legal rights. Our professional child support attorneys are very experienced in this field to prevent any abuse of a dishonest party over the other. Here it is essential to understand how much child support you or your former spouse are entitled to get.

In Kentucky, the child support calculations are based on income of both parties and take into consideration if the receiving part has sole or joint physical custody. A percentage of the parents’ joint income is used in the child support formula.

The percents are as follows:

Column Chart Showing Child Support Formula

Unlike numerous other states, Kentucky gives no automatic parenting time credit that can lower the amount of child support.

The only way in which parenting time could influence the quantity of child support you obtain or pay is if the family court considers the visitations are significantly in excess of those typically accepted by the court. The court will make modifications to child support on a case-by-case basis.

That is why it is very important to hire a professional family attorney to represent your interests and rights in the court.

Why exact parenting time percentages are important in Kentucky

Exact parenting time percentages are important because Kentucky law permits exceptions to be made in the child support quantity if you could reveal you get approved for special consideration.

The law specifies that the court can differ from the typical child support guidelines, yet does not define parenting time as one of those factors.

What Influences The Amount Of Child Support In Kentucky

Kentucky’s child support formula uses the following information to calculate your regular monthly amounts for joint custody child support:

Icon Depicting Parental IncomeThe monthly income of the non-custodial parent.

Icon Depicting Number of ChildrenThe number of children under the age of 18 or over 18 prior to graduation from high school.

Icon Depicting Cost of Medical InsuranceThe cost of medical insurance for the children.

Icon Depicting Pre-Existing Child SupportA pre-existing child support or spousal support obligation by either parent.


Parenting time only figures into a child support formula when you could reveal that your overall parenting time is substantially in excess of just what is typically approved by the Kentucky family courts.

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Why Your Children Need Support To Be Calculated Accurately

Paying accurate child support assists your kids in numerous ways, largely because it ensures their demands for physical and mental development are satisfied. The other reasons are:

Icon Depicting Child Support AmountsIt provides a fair way to establish your child support amounts.

Icon Depicting Child Support Amount is FairIt guarantees the child support quantity demonstrates each parent’s obligations.

Icon of Judge's HammerIt is compliant with Kentucky legislation.

Your monetary obligations to your kids don’t end with divorce, so whether you are paying or getting child support, you owe it to your children to pay or obtain the proper amount.

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